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Synthetic, Wool & Organic Upholstery Cleaning in Richmond

At last upholstery cleaning in Richmond has been made simple. Just call and tell us your problem, we’ll do the rest! This isn’t an hourly based service – your upholstery will have our full attention for as long as it needs it. You’re offered advice and support from technicians who’ve been there and done it for years. Ensure your fabric is cared for by these professionals by getting in touch with Felicia's Cleaners Richmond today.

Felicia’s Fully Insured Upholstery Cleaners in Richmond


  • Same-day services – for when you need our professional upholstery cleaners in Richmond urgently
  • 24/7 support – request your FREE estimate now from a knowledgeable customer care adviser
  • Multiple service discounts – try our carpet cleaning or one off cleaning as well and you’ll cut your costs
  • Prochem products – that are safe, effective and environmentally friendly
  • All week availability – don’t hesitate to request an appointment on a Weekend or Bank Holiday

Domestic & Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services in Richmond

We’ve got cleaning techniques suitable for all sorts of upholstery and they include dry, dry foam and hot water extraction cleaning. Before the most appropriate method can be chosen we’ll need to inspect your fabric in person – this’ll allow us to determine the specific type of material it’s made of. Take note that prior to using our specialist machinery any visible stains and dirt patches will be pre-treated with effective detergents. After that the real work can begin. Dry cleaning is completed using a powerful solvent that is injected deeply into the material and then sucked back out with all the ingrained dirt. Dry foam cleaning involves the use of crystallised foam that hardens about ten minutes after it’s applied. Once a sufficient amount of time has passed the foam will be extracted and all the dirt will be removed as well. To complete hot water extraction cleaning we’ll spray hot water under high pressure onto your upholstery and vacuum it simultaneously. Once that process is finished we’ll extract about 95% of the fabrics moisture and as a result all the underlying dirt will be taken out too. You’re booking truly comprehensive upholstery cleaning services in Richmond!

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Services Performed By Felicia’s Skilled Experts

Prochem have trained and certified us so that we can help thousands of clients – people just like you. The technician that’s dispatched to you is covered by full insurance which ensures you’ll be protected throughout your upholstery fabric cleaning services. Such is our dedication to you that we’re willing to provide free post-service advice and even move light furniture ourselves. Our equipment is wide-ranging and high grade, and upon request we’ll bring an air mover which will dry your upholstery three times faster.

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