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Mattress Cleaning in Richmond That Neutralises Dust Mites

Don’t let dust mites ruin your life – call Felicia’s mattress cleaning team in to help in Richmond. The average bed contains over 6 million of these tiny creatures, and if they’re not dealt with efficiently they can cause asthma, allergies and much more. This service is suitable for any property that has beds, which includes hotels, hostels and hospitals. Cost estimates are provided FREE of charge and completely without obligation. We know you’ll want us to be available to you at all times, and so our customer service is kept running continuously for your benefit. Reserve your appointment now over the phone or online.

Let Our Mattress Cleaners Fight Dust Mites in Richmond

This service:

  • Will take 14-16 minutes – the system we use is completely portable, and doesn’t need to be setup on-site
  • Requires no drying time – you can use your mattress as normal as soon as we leave
  • Results in a residual effect – that continues to destroy allergens up to 3 days after our mattress cleaners in Richmond have visited you
  • Is colour safe – no bleaching agents need to be used during the process
  • Neutralises odours – bacteria that create bad smells are eliminated by the procedure

Reducing the cost of your service has never been simpler! Just use us on a consistent basis or use one or both of our carpet and upholstering cleaning services as well.

Introducing All Natural Mattress Cleaning Services

You should know that the method we’ll use during your mattress cleaning services is all-natural, dry and chemical-free. It effectively removes and destroys not only dust mites but fungal spores, bacteria and other potentially harmful elements found in all mattresses. You won’t need to perform any special preparations prior to our arrival, the technique is safe on all types of sheets and pillows and there’s no need to remove your mattress from your bed. The initial phase involves using an intense ultra-violet light to kill all of these micro-organisms. Once this is done, vibration and an extreme level of suction shakes and extracts away all the resulting debris. Afterwards we can show you just what we’ve removed from your mattress – we want you to know you’ve got value you for your money.

Felicia’s Mattress Cleaning Experts in Richmond Make It Easy

Choosing a company to perform your Richmond mattress cleaning service can be difficult. You need a team that’s reliable, effective and also affordable. We’re this and more. All necessary equipment is provided by us and each piece of gear is cutting edge. The only thing you’ll need to do is sit back and relax while we work. The technicians that complete your job have been specially trained to use this machinery and as a result they’ll guarantee that every single dust mite is eradicated from your mattress.

Request your FREE, no-obligation quote over the phone on 020 3404 0838 or online through our chat facility. You can also enter your details into the contact form on this website to get an estimate from our Richmond mattress cleaners.