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Indoor & Outdoor Hard Floor Cleaning in Richmond

Get maximum benefits by letting our hard floor cleaning professionals in Richmond use the latest floor cleaning products and techniques to revitalise your flooring – we can clean wood, vinyl, marble, and much more! Don’t forget that you can book Felicia's Cleaners Richmond for jobs on both domestic and commercial properties, indoors and outdoors. Call us now and give us details regarding your floors type, size, and current condition so we can prepare for your specific job. A customer care professional will always be here to take your call.

Felicia’s Hard Floor Maintenance in Richmond For Wood & More

Book Felicia's Cleaners Richmond today and get:

  • Advisers available 24/7 – benefit from FREE viewings and professional advice
  • Increased property value – well-maintained and attractive flooring is something prospective buyers look for
  • Stains eliminated – powerful detergents applied by our hard floor maintenance experts in Richmond will make your flooring shine
  • Increased floor life – your flooring’s slip resistance and protection will be improved to ensure its lustre and resilience are preserved
  • A guaranteed service – that is all-inclusive and top-to-bottom. You can ask us to clean, move and repair!

You can slash your prices by booking our end of tenancy cleaning service as well!

Restorations From Reliable Hard Floor Cleaners in Richmond

Your service will be performed as follows: first and foremost your floors type will need to be assessed so an appropriate cleaning solution can be identified. If necessary your furniture will be moved out of the way in order for us to have full access. Next, your flooring will be vacuumed to remove any dust, hair or other undesirable elements. Once that’s done a small portion of the floor will be tested with the solution we previously determined. Now that process has been completed our hard floor cleaners in Richmond will begin the real work. The next few steps depend on the material your flooring is made of. For instance, if it’s not wood we’ll simply apply the cleaning solution, if it’s wood only drive pads will be used. Afterwards your flooring will be rinsed to remove the detergent and any remaining dirt. Once the area has been dried we’ll decide whether a protection layer is needed. This could be seal, polish or wax – depending on which is chosen,the drying time can range from thirty minutes up to two hours.

Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Richmond Using:

A specialist scrubbing machine, safe and effective cleaning detergents and much more! You’ll receive the expertise of technicians who’ve been painstakingly trained, vetted and certified for your benefit. We’ll use cutting edge equipment that’s not only proven but wide ranging and included in the cost of your hard floor cleaning services in Richmond. You won’t pay a penny extra for them.

Richmond hard floor cleaning is really easy to book – just dial 020 3404 0838. Our website also has a chat feature and contact form that you can make use of!